When Should You Replace Your Furniture

Unlike your food, your toothpaste, and even your body lotion, you really can’t tell the exact expiration date of your furniture pieces. Therefore, you have to keep your eyes open and watch out for signs that your furniture needs replacement.

It might be the right time to replace your furniture when:

  • The cushions on your sofa have started to sag. Sagging cushions are telltale signs that your sofa or couch has suffered enough weight and crushing through the entire time it has served you. Also, no amount of professional restoration can ever save sagging cushions, so you really have no other choice but to replace your furniture.


  • The leg of your wooden chair got broken. A broken leg of a chair can be quite difficult to restore, and even when it has been restored, it would not have the same durability as it once did. So, unless your wooden chair is a valuable antique, it will be better to just buy new chairs instead of trying to fix your old one.


  • Your furniture has suffered irreparable damage. Natural calamities such as floods or big, disastrous accidents such as fire can cause irrevocable damage to your furniture. Even when you try to drain your cushions of the flood water, you will never get its original condition back, and even if you have your furniture upholstered after being burned, you might not be able to get rid of the burned smell your furniture will have.


  • You want to remodel your home. Every once in a while, we want an update our style – the style of our clothes, the style of our hair, and sometimes, the style of our house. One of the best things to update in your home is your furniture; especially if the one you have has been with you for more than seven years. If you get regular carpet cleaning they can last a long time but sometimes you just want something new or even. change like new flooring. 

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