How to Properly Care for your Furniture

Taking proper care of almost anything in our lives will pay off. Taking good care of your family can help strengthen your bonds, taking good care of your car can prolong its life, taking good care of your health will benefit you – the same goes with the furniture pieces in our home.


Regardless of the material, your furniture is made of – whether it be leather, wood, or upholstery made of cloth fabrics – you have to take care of it. And, in taking care of your furniture, you have to remember that the maintenance techniques will vary, depending on the material of your furniture.


Leather, for example, can be maintained by regular wiping by a soft cloth. Vacuuming hard to reach creases in your leather sofa can also help get rid of stubborn dust. You have to place your leather furniture in areas that will not get direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will make the leather deteriorate.


As for fabric upholstered furniture items, most need to be vacuumed for additional care. If you are to wash cotton cushion covers, make sure that you do NOT remove the cushion inside to avoid the cover from shrinking or being deformed. In case of stains, do a spot cleaning as soon as possible and don’t let the stain set. Refrain from using tough detergents in removing stains as they can cause permanent damage to your furniture.


Wooden furniture, on the other hand, could be cleaned by just a soft cloth and by using wood polish from time to time. Water is the number one enemy of wooden furniture as it can leave ugly stains. But applying your handy toothpaste, petroleum jelly, or mayonnaise on the affected surface and leaving it on for hours can help restore your wooden furniture to its original state.


In taking care of your furniture, you have to know when to call professionals for help. No matter how much you want to do all things yourself, there are times when only experts can resolve the problem; so if you have doubts, instead of experimenting on your furniture, call the pros.


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